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CF Additive is dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.  We believe in our products and want you to carry carbon for life! 

Full Coverage Warranty and Lifetime Replacement Program

Should your print-bed fail for any reason listed below during its lifetime, CF Additive will replace it free of charge. Your print-bed will be replaced with the same style as previously purchased. If the exact style is unavailable, it will be replaced with a similar style. This warranty covers any manufacturing failures of the product under normal use conditions. 

The Following are Justifiable Reasons for a Warranty Claim:

  • Cracking or Snapping
  • De-Lamination
  • Degradation of Print Stick and Removal Functionality

The Following Issues are NOT Covered by the Lifetime Replacement Warranty:

  • Usual Wear & Tear (Scratches, Knicks)
  • Degradation of Functionality due to Improper Chemical Cleaner Use 

In the Event of a Warranty Issue, Please Follow These Steps:

  1. Use this contact form and provide us with notes regarding the issue you are experiencing.
  2. Upon the submission of the form you will be contacted by a CF Additive representative who will guide you through the process. 
  3. Once your warranty issue has been validated, the representative will send you a pre-paid return label.
  4. Upon receiving your build-plate and confirming the warranty issue your order will be refunded or a replacement will be shipped out.

Stay Informed