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Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Build Plates

Technologically advanced carbon fiber build plates for 3D printers provide the durability and reliability needed in fast-paced work environments. These upgraded build plates offer a flat surface with superior adhesion for the first layer of your 3D print to securely lock onto. Unlike glass and steel beds that are susceptible to scratching and other damage, our lightweight carbon fiber 3D printer build plates provide engineered flexibility for effortless print removal. These carbon fiber build plates are a direct replacement for glass and polycarbonate plates, and provide excellent thermal conductivity. Each 3D printer build plate has a gloss surface on one side and a matte surface on the other, allowing for fine tuning the build adhesion for a given material. In addition, carbon fiber flexible build plates are created with aerospace-grade carbon fiber, the same material found in the world’s best airplanes, rockets, and vehicles, and will last through thousands of prints.  

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