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Which thickness? FLEX or RIGID?

August 08, 2020 1 min read

1mm vs 2.5mm carbon fiber print bed

All of Common Fibers' print beds are offered in two thicknesses: FLEX or RIGID. Both thicknesses provide the same durability, adhesion, and thermal properties.  Where they differ is in their stiffness and flexibility.  The decision is simple:

Choose the FLEX option if your bed is sturdy and not warped.  Prints can be easily removed with a simple bend of the print bed. 

Choose the RIGID option if your bed is warped and needs leveling.  The thicker option is also recommended for long and skinny prints that have a high tendency to warp.  You can still flex this print bed to release your print with a little more force. 

Some customers choose to order one of each to have the option of stacking the two together.  This results in a very sturdy level bed with a removable top layer that flexes easily for quick removal of prints. 

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